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We live in a world where we are so busy that we often zip into fast food restaurants, grab a bag and zoom off to tackle the next item on our agenda. With instant meals available from 24/7 grocery stores, an abundance of fast food restaurants, and convenience stores on each corner, we fill our bodies with fast food that is full of fat, cholesterol, and processing chemicals. A typical meal of a hamburger, french fries and a soft drink usually contains more than 1,000 calories.

Though we may not be able to slow the pace of our daily lives considerably, we can choose wisely when it comes to fast food. For instance, if you are craving a hamburger, choose one with one patty rather than two, and you may save as much as ten grams of fat.  Many hamburgers are cholesterol-choking heart attacks waiting to happen. If you are just craving the taste, try a kids-size meal and supplement with something healthier. Choose fruit, salad, or vegetable as a side instead of fries. Leave off the cheese, mayonnaise, and special sauces!

Try lean roast beef or turkey for a change. Chicken that is grilled, baked or broiled is much better than fried chicken. When trying to choose a healthier option such as a salad or a wrap, be sure that you don’t defeat your efforts by adding salad dressings, cheeses, and other additions that significantly increase the fat and calories. Don’t let your salad option be compromised by high-calorie additions such as buttery croutons or a tortilla shell bowl. If you must have pizza, choose thin crust and lay off the fattening toppings.

A good alternative to traditional fast food is fresh fruit, salad, and low-fat yogurt that can now be found in many convenience stores. Avoid upsizing when you are ordering your meal! Look for low-fat, great tasting sandwiches available at a number of fast food restaurants. And avoid empty calories associated with many soft drinks by choosing water, diet sodas, or unsweetened tea instead.

Though our schedules don’t always allow for making healthy meals at home, with a little thought, we can find good-tasting fast food that is also good for us. Do some research on-line to find some healthier fast food options at your favorite restaurants so you won’t be tempted to fall back on bad choices when you arrive.

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