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People in this country spend billions of dollars each year to lose weight and get fit. Yet statistically, there are 72.5 million clinically obese people in the U.S.

My gym and others should be packed to the bursting stage, but that is not always true. Why, then, when we live in an age when so much is known about getting and staying fit are so many people overweight?

As a gym owner and trainer, I think it is because so many people want to depend on someone else to solve their fitness and nutrition issues. We want a magic pill, a magic diet, someone to hold our hands, a recipe to cook, etc. The truth is that it is ultimately up to us.

Maybe you are missing that passion that is necessary to get fit. To help you gain a passion for exercise I suggest that you start with writing.

1) List the things that get in the way of your getting fit. Beside them list solutions to overcome them.

2) List three bold fitness goals. Working toward them may ignite the “I can!” in you.

3) Before you work out, write down the things that bother you – those things that give you negative energy as you work out. Concentrate on burning off those negatives as you exercise, and afterwards write down the positives.

Work on developing a stronger, more fit body, and watch as your passion increases and transforms your life. Your old negatives will become positives. You can transform your life as well as your body.

- Frank Thomas