Rev Up!

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a major production. Try these simple ideas to rev up your lifestyle:

1) Walk the dog 2-3 times daily.

2) Walk the mall. It can be fun in all types of weather. Some malls even give incentive to walkers.

3) Walk during your lunch hour.

4) Jump rope.  It is one of the top fat burners.

5) Get outside and ride a bike.

6) Use a fitness professional for a couple of sessions to teach you routines that are right for you.

7) Try simple exercise equipment like a body bar, mini trampoline, tubes and bands.

8) Lift weights 3 times per week. It can increase your metabolism as much as 20%.

9) Don’t get stuck in the same workout rut. For fun, do that favorite routine in backwards order.

10) Exercise during TV commercials at a high intensity. Try to do 8-10 commercial sessions in a day’s TV viewing.

Need some other ideas or some accountability to get you going?  Come see us!

The How To’s of Picking a Gym

Gyms come in all shapes and sizes. Most develop personalities based on their owners, their location and the types of members. To decide what is right for you, I recommend the following:

1) Cheaper is not always better. Often cheap means low quality and poor service. Be concerned about the cost, but look further. You typically get what you pay for.

2) Is the gym near work or home? To be consistent in attendance, most gym members need to be within a 12-mile radius of the gym. It is okay though to ride by a low-quality gym to find the one that is right for you.

3) Will your gym be open when you need it? Gyms that have 24/7 access are often untouchable in this respect. You always have access and can go on your schedule.

4) Don’t pay for extras such as pools, saunas, or racquetball courts that you won’t use.

5) Check the condition of the equipment. Watch out for older, worn-out, and gadgety equipment. Look for solid, well-laid-out equipment that is well maintained.

6) Does the gym have an environment that makes you feel comfortable? You may not be looking for a pickup gym or a musclehead gym even though there are lots of those out there. Pick what fits you!

7) Gym staff should be polite, honest, and respectful. Look for staff that shows a genuine desire to help you. Leave right away if you feel like you are being pressured!

8) Watch out for false promises. Be sure that the gym that you choose can and will keep the promises made prior to your signing up.

9) My biggest pet peeve is cleanliness. Cleanliness is not an amenity to be advertised it is an expectation.

Find a quality gym that provides the environment and support you need. Come see us! We can be that gym for you!

- Frank Thomas